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Emotional Decoding and Release


Simply put, emotions are energy-in-motion. 

When emotions we feel are not properly validated and expressed,

they become repressed or "trapped" inside our bodies. 


Many of our trapped emotions stem from childhood experiences, when 

we were too young to understand, validate and release them. Some of our trapped 

emotions can even be inherited from our parents or ancestors. Other emotions can become 

trapped as an adult, when we are faced with an overwhelming event that we cannot "handle", so 

we try to focus our attention on something else. But just refocusing the attention does not 

properly process the emotion. It will likely present again later, sometimes as a completely 

different emotion; or worse, it can manifest as pain or disease in the body.


The average middle-aged person can have 100 or more trapped motions.


If you feel off or drained after spending even a short time around negative 

people, imagine how your body feels with these repressed, negative

emotions living inside you, often times for several decades. 


Thankfully, we live during a time when there are so many wonderful modalities 

for mental and emotional health. The Emotion Code is one of them and was a major 

game-changer for me. It's non-invasive and subtle, but HGHLY effective.


After using this method on myself for nearly 3 years and experiencing amazing results,

I felt called to pursue certification as an Emotion Code Practitioner. 


It works very well on its own, but is a wonderful compliment to energy balancing.


Energy Balancing


Energy healing (or Reiki as it’s formally called), is a Japanese practice, based on 

the belief that Universal energy flows through our bodies and can be manipulated through 

the palms of our hands to promote balance. We use this method to balance specific energy points

in the body, known as Chakras. The process of balancing Chakra points results in bringing our bodies 

to a state of total relaxation. When the body is relaxed, it can better heal the damage caused by 

stress, injury, illness, or disease. I liken this experience to getting a massage for your soul.


There are different methods of Reiki taught today. If you would like to do more 

research before deciding on a practitioner, I have been trained and attuned to the

Master Teacher level in the Usui method, and am of the 14th lineage. 


What to Expect

Sessions for emotional decoding last about 25 minutes. 

Sessions for energy balancing take around 45 minutes.

Combined sessions last 1 hour. 


In all appointments, we first take a moment to discuss the process, 

specific areas you would like to focus on and any questions you may have. 

After each session, we spend some time reviewing what came up and

the steps you can take to help maintain clearing and balance.


Note: All sessions are virtual. I am not offering in-person sessions at this time.   


Exchange for Services



Combined Session


Energy Balancing Session
Emotion Decoding Session
Video Recorded Session



8-Session Wellness Series

 6-8 combined sessions are typically recommended to feel optimal, lasting improvements. 
Commit to yourself for 8 sessions at a discounted rate. Sessions can be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

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