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Welcome! My name is Luciana and I am the founder of Inside Out Wellness of Palm Beach. I was born in Brazil, raised in the U.S. and currently reside in South Florida. My practice was created with the belief that to change the world around us, we must first change the world within us.  I am honored to be part of your journey. 

My Story

Like many, I struggled with anxiety and burnout for most of my adult life. I worked in the legal field, which although lucrative, can be an extremely stressful career. This led to physical ailments and eventually a trip to the hospital with heart attack symptoms. I thought I would never truly be able to escape or control my thoughts and feelings.


Fortunately, a couple of years later, I found a connection to myself that I had never experienced before while on vacation in Aruba. Thus began my "soul searching" journey back to myself. 

I have spent nearly 5 years studying different modalities and found some that were extremely helpful to me, specifically energy balancing and emotional decoding. Today, I no longer suffer from anxiety, improved my health significantly and have found a sense of peace in my mind and heart that I wish to share with the world. 

If you are familiar with Reiki, I am attuned to the Master Teacher level in the Usui method, though I prefer to use the term "energy worker".  I am also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. 

I look forward to working with you to help relieve any stress, anxiety, depression, or anything else that may be keeping you from living your best life. 

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