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Retreat yourself!

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Burn out? Depressed? 

You are not alone - and I want to help! 

Join me for a one day retreat to learn how to check in with your body, 

balance those inner energies and invite more peace into your life. 

Classes are from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

(includes interactive training, instructional materials, Q+A sessions, snacks, 

and crystals for you to take home and begin using immediately) 

The cost for this training is 149 Afl and is for residents of Aruba ONLY

Scroll down for available dates and enrollment.

When checking out, please include your first & last name and email address in the notes.

The location of the retreat will be emailed to you prior to your class date.

If you want to know more about energy work or the practice of Reiki before you decide to join us, 

please feel free to email me and we can schedule a time to connect via Zoom or WhatsApp


About the Teacher

Bon Dia, Aruba! My name is Luciana. I was born in Brazil and raised in the US, currently residing in South Florida. If you are familiar with Reiki, I am attuned to the Master Teacher level in the Usui method, though I prefer to use the term "energy worker".  

I struggled with anxiety and burn out for most of my adult life. This led to physical ailments and eventually a trip to the hospital with what my family feared was a heart attack. I felt I would never truly be able to escape or control my thoughts. Fortunately, a couple of years later, I took a trip to Aruba for the first time and found a connection to myself that I had never experienced before. Thus began my "soul searching" journey back to myself. 

I no longer suffer from anxiety and have found a sense of peace in my mind and heart that I wish to share with the world. First and foremost, with the island where it all started. 

I feel honored to be invited back now to share what I have learned about energy healing and alignment with the people of the island that has given me so much. Looking forward to meeting you! 

Please note these classes are for residents of Aruba only   

Dates for 2024 Classes to be announced soon...

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